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The Foreign Candy Company, Inc. is a "Marketer of Innovative International Confections."
The Foreign Candy Company, Inc.
Since 1978, we have been dedicated to building great candy
brands that are unique, innovative, and fun to eat!  Known for
our dynamic packaging, contemporary design, and delicious
flavor profiles, The Foreign Candy Company, Inc. continues
to operate on the leading edge of the confectionery industry.  
Brands Loved by Kids and Adults              
With brands like Rips® licorice, EIFFEL bonbons® chewy candy,
Big Fat Hissee Fit® Gummy Snakes, and Yardstick® Bubble Gum,
The Foreign Candy Company, Inc. delivers fun, flavorful, and
unique candies that are loved by kids and adults.  
Contact Us if you are a distributor or retailer looking to purchase any of our products.
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