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In the summer of 1976, Peter W. De Yager, a high
school German teacher, began taking his
students abroad so the students could learn
more about the language and culture they were
studying.  After visiting a gummy bear factory in
Germany, the students decided to sell the candy
as a fundraiser to raise money for next summer¹s

The gummy bears sold amazingly well.  Peter
had an idea- why not sell Gummy Bears to
German Clubs across the country?  This would
be a great job for Peter¹s wife, Betsy, in their
home, and a great way for high school German
students nationwide to raise funds.

The business flourished and Peter resigned his
teaching position in the spring of 1980.  They ran
out of room in their home, built a new building,
doubling the size soon after.  At this time the Profit
Potentials Company, a division of The Foreign
Candy Company, Inc., also began.  This division
sold domestic fundraising candies to groups all
over the United States.
Sales in all company divisions were booming.

In 1982, The Foreign Candy Company, Inc., with
all its divisions, became incorporated.  The
following year they expanded the gummy bear
sales into the wholesale division and developed
the Black Forest® gummy trademark, selling
these gummy candies through all retail channels.

Since then, many other successful brands have
been developed and sold across the United
States:  Mega Warheads® Sour Candies,
Sidewalk Chalk® Bubble Gum, Paint Brush®
Candy, Rip Rolls®, Surprise Bag® and many

2000 was an exciting year for The Foreign Candy
Company, Inc.  Along with the addition of many
new and exciting products, Peter W. De Yager
was named 2000 Entrepreneur of the Year.  The
Foreign Candy Company, Inc. is setting the trend
in the candy industry by consistently developing
Innovative products and brands.

Today, The Foreign Candy Company, Inc.
continues its innovation and understanding of
kids' demands.  With the Rips® licorice brand,
EIFFEL bonbons®, Big Fat Hissee Fit®, The
Yardstick® Bubble Gum, and many other exciting
candy brands, The Foreign Candy Company, Inc.
continues to be a leading marketer of Innovative
International Confections.
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