TFCC Christmas
Beary Merry Christmas Pops
Give the nostalgia of Christmas with these adorable and
delicious Christmas Pie Pops.  With flavors like
Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Crisp, Blueberry Cobbler,
and Cherry Pie, these 1.4 oz. these lollipops are sure to
please EVERYONE on your Christmas list!                        
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AfterShocks Popping Candy
Every child will POP with excitement when they discover
AfterShocks Popping Candy in their stocking!  The unique
shaped bag and 20 individual wrapped pouches in both
strawberry and green apple flavors offers value, variety, and
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Christmas Creme-filled Licorice Dreams
Rips 9 oz. Christmas Laydown Bag
Treat yourself to the same delicious strawberry and green
apple flavors as the Rips® Bite-Size 4 oz. Peg Bag.  These
bite-size sugar-sanded licorice pieces make tasty
Christmas dish candies perfect for holiday entertaining!

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Lots-a-Lollies® Lots-a-Santas Lollipops
Lots-a-Santas is a line extension of the very popular
Lots-a-Lollies® brand. Each Lots-a-Santas bouquet
comes with 5 flavorful lollipops and a printed gift tag -
making it a perfect gift or holiday package tie-on!  
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Jump'n Jolly B. Elf
Kids will LOVE to see this adorable marshmallow elf hung
by their stocking this Christmas season!  Make a big
impact this year with Jump'n Jolly B. Elf . . . over 30 inches
of delicious strawberry marshmallow!                                      
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