Halloween AfterShocks Popping Candy
AfterShocks® Popping Candy
AfterShocks® are giving Halloween trick-or-treaters a new
twist! Each box of AfterShocks® Popping Candy comes with
an assortment of two mouth-shocking flavors in shaped
pouches kids will love!
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Halloween Crazy Bones® Lollipops
Fruit flavored lollipops are attached to plastic skeletal arms
and legs, then placed in bone-shaped pouches and laydown
bags. With so much fun packed into these treat-size
lollipops, it is easy to see why Crazy Bones® are quickly
becoming a seasonal favorite.  
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Skull Pop Lollipops
Skull Pops® Lollipops
Skull Pops® has been a Halloween favorite since 1998! Two
unique flavors make up each skull shaped lollipop.
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“Skull Pops® provide the unheard of magic combination of
grape and strawberry cream, creating a sucker worthy of
many thousand licks.”                     
– Matt, X-Entertainment
Halloween Big Fat Hissee Fit
Big Fat Hissee Fit Gummy Snake
Halloween Big Fat Hissee Fit
The popular Big Fat Hissee Fit Gummy Snake® is now
available in Halloween colors and flavors! These 7 oz.
gummy snakes are a huge hit with kids and a must-have for
any Halloween party. Enjoy Wild Berry Bite, Apple Attack or
Orange Strike.
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Skull Pops Lollipops
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Coffin Creepers Lollipops
Coffin Creepers is a treat that stands out from the crowd.  
The coffin-shaped box and the three flavors make this a treat
that kids will be begging to "set free". Comes in bone rattling
blue raspberry, vampire very cherry, and mummy wrap green
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Blood Drips Liquid Candy
Blood Drips are a unique candy that inject fun into any
costume or party. The strawberry confection is an excellent
cure for sweet tooth or any other "confection infection".
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Corn Bites Candy Corn Gummies
Corn Bites is starting a candy corn revolution, one bite at a
time. These snackable gummy bites look and taste like
candy corn, yet are much more fun to eat than traditional
corn. Grab a bag and see why Corn Bites candy corn
gummies are the upgrade candy corn has been looking for.  
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