The Original Surprise Bag
The Original Surprise Bag
The Original Surprise Bag®
Mr. Surprise has traveled the world in search of new
candies and toys for girls and boys! Inside each Surprise
Bag®, you’ll find a story of his adventures as he travels the
world in search of new candies and toys! Each Original
Surprise Bag® is filled with an assortment of candies, toys,
stickers and games! Collect and send in Surprise Points to
redeem an additional gift from Mr. Surprise!
The Baba Candy
The Baba Candy
The Baba®
The Baba® makes a great counter display! Each large
Baba® display can be reused as a bank when empty.  
Individual Baba® toys are filled with colorful star shaped
candies – and children will love to play with The Baba® long
after the candies are gone!
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Hissee Fit® Snake Spray
This candy spray delivers the same great Hissee Fit®
flavors in a new and exciting way! Each snake shaped bottle
is covered in Hissee Fit® snake graphics. Kids can enjoy all
three spittin’ flavors – Cherry Chase, Green Apple Attack and
Blue Raspberry Bite!
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Fresh from the vine are our Watermelon Farms Lollipops!
Each large, wedge shaped lollipop is packed with juicy
watermelon flavor and life-like candy seeds!
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These larger-than-life lollipops are sure to attract attention.  
Colorful packaging creates dynamic presence in any part of
the store.  Each giant lollipop is filled with 13 GREAT tasting
lollipops in 4 assorted flavors.  Kids are sure to beg for this
unique treat!
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World's Largest Lollipop
Kids will go crazy for Lots of Frutti Chews chewy candy!  This
big value item features 11 bars!  That's 11 different times you
get to experience fruity fun!  Lots of Frutti Chews feature four
fruity flavors: blue raspberry, green apple, strawberry and
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Squeeze Play is 2.1 of squeeze candy fun!  Squeeze Play
features three separate compartments of liquid candy.  Each
compartment has a plastic flip-top cap and comes in three
different flavors: blue raspberry, strawberry, and green apple.  
Mix them all up in your mouth or eat them separately.  Either
way, kids will saying more squeeze please! .
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Space Blasters are the sour powder pockets you can eat!  
Kids will feel like they're on another planet when they bite into
these sherbet flavored edible waters!
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Watermelon Farms
Lots of Frutti Chews
Squeeze Play
Space Blasters