Lots-a-Lollies Lots-a-Hearts Lollipops, Five Strawberry Lollipops in a Valentine Bouquet
Lots-a-Lollies® Lots-a-Hearts Lollipops
Lots-a-Hearts is a strawberry flavored treat that is quickly
becoming a Valentine favorite. Both kids and adults treasure
this beautiful lollipop bouquet with 5 individually wrapped
lollipops. It also has thousands of uses and pairs great with
flowers and gifts!
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Valentine's Day candy has never been more exciting than with
Valentine AfterShocks
® popping candy. Unique shaped
pouches of strawberry or berry flavored popping candy will be
the talk of the class! Each box also includes To/From cards
with fun sayings.
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AfterShocks® Popping Candy
Rips®  Valentine's Day Gift Pouch
Everyone loves the intense fruit flavor packed in every piece of
Rips® licorice! The strawberry and green apple combination is
irresistible. This delicious sweet and sour combination keeps
our fans coming back for more!
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