Products from TFCC

Squeeze Play®
  • Unique Form Factor that kids can’t help but pick it up and SQUEEZE it!
  • 3 popular flavors to mix and match
  • 7 total flavor combinations!
  • Flip-top nozzle keeps kids clean
  • Bright and playful graphics!
Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Strawberry Kids' Novelty Gel, Liquid
Rips® Bite-size Strawberry/Apple 4 oz. Peg Bag 1x12 Rips ® 4 oz peg bag is #1 licorice peg bag in a National C-store leader
Green Apple, Strawberry
AfterShocks® Popping Candy 1.06 oz Mixed Peg Bag
  • Each bag provides TWO flavors! Strawberry and Green Apple.
  • Innovative die-cut packaging makes this package stand out from all other popping candies!
  • 20 individual pouches makes this candy easy to share and stay fresh.
AfterShocks® Popping Candy
Green Apple, Strawberry